Mar 27, 2009

My Business Inspiration

The inspiration behind TNT Designs Events is my Grandma, Mae B. Callis. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur just like her.

The first beginnings were when I would visit her during our school breaks in Freeman, Virginia. (It was a big thing to say we were her grandchildren from Maryland) She would tell me the stories of her getting her license and working in the salon. She told me about all her family members that were also beauticians, especially her baby sister Laura. She would teach me about hairstyling, let me practice “pin-curling” her hair and hold the marcel irons and pressing comb. And even put me up on her kitchen counter and wash my hair and press my hair.

So as I got older, I thought what a great tribute to her would be to own a beauty salon and name the salon after her. It would have been named “Maebelle’s Unique Boutique”. Yes, I know that it’s not the most appealing name, but hey, it was for her.

Since that idea…I have elevated to newer heights and experiences. TNT Designs Events has become a premiere event planning and scrapbooking company located in the Prince George’s County, Maryland area.

It still remains that my Grandma is the inspiration and driving force behind TNT.

It is unfortunate that she is no longer here on earth with us to see what her granddaughter has accomplished. She is missed dearly.

Grandma -

When we think of you we think of love and strength.
We were truly blessed to have you as our grandmother.
You laid the foundation for our family.
You taught us when life gets hard to get down on our knees and pray.
You showed us that we could always rely on family.
Your spirit will forever be in our presence.
Your strength and grace will forever be remembered.
We will love you always.

Your Grandchildren

Mae Bell Callis (b.1930- d. 2008)

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Mix-on The Memories said...

What a great tribute to you grandmother. I know what it is like to have a grandmother that is very instrumental in your life. I am very blessed to still have my MomMom with me. She is now 89 and my PopPop is 90. I was also blessed to have got to know my great-grandmother. She did not die until I was 25 years old.