Mar 12, 2009

"Getting the Life I Deserve" Pledge

This is adapted from the Essence magazine January 2008 issue

"Getting the Life I Deserve" Pledge.

Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt Murray suggests getting friends together, making copies of this pledge and complete them. Then for everyone to do check-ups with your friend and family through the year to be sure everyone is on track.

So pass this on to your girlfriends, wives, co-workers, sista-girls, friends, and family.


This is my year to be the woman I've always wanted to be.
This year I will put____________(your name) first. Starting _____________ (today's date), I will focus on taking the steps to achieve my goals. Ever since ___________, I've known that I want to ___________________________.

Today I will create a plan to realize my dreams.
1. _________________________________
2. _________________________________
3. _________________________________
4. _________________________________

Negative factors, real and imagined, will no longer be obstacles to my success.
To get over _________ (Obstacle #1), I will stop__________________.
To get over _________ (Obstacle #2), I will pray that ______________.
To get over _________ (Obstacle #3), I will plan to ________________.

I know that I will be successful because it is my dream to_____________.

To stay on track, I will have my friend ____________(friend's name)
check in on my progress every week/month/quarter (choose one)
and hold me accountable.

This is my personal 2009 pledge to myself so that I can realize my dreams and live the wonderful life I fully deserve!

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