Jun 17, 2009

The ABC Guide for the "Bride-to-be"

Be Available – Decide on at least three possible dates to have your dream wedding.

Be Blissful – It’s your day to shine.

Be Careful – Don’t wear too much make-up. It could interfere with the photography. You want your smile captured in the most beautiful way.

Be Decisive – In choosing your bridal party, just because you know someone doesn't mean they have to be "in" the wedding. You do have a guest list.

Be Elegant – Style is important. Pick one of your own or that works for you.

Be Flexible – Sometimes a vendor that the bride wants for her wedding is not available for her special day. If the vendor is anm essentail part of the wedding, consider changing the date.

Be Graceful – Take your time to walk down the aisle and smile.

Be Happy – This is your lifetime decision.

Be Illustrious – Make this a memorable occasion for all.

Be Joyous – Enjoy your day!

Be Keen – Know where to cut your cost on the non-essential details of the wedding.

Be Loving – Love your new family.

Be Magnificent – Magic happens when you least expect it.

Be Nearby – Plan to have multiple contact numbers. You may need to be reached in the case of an emergency.

Be OrganizedTNT Designs Events is always available to help you in this area.

Be Prepared – Sometimes things happen; If the cake doesn’t arrive on time...just breathe.

Be acQuainted – Get to know the Groom and his family

Be Registered – The most common question people ask when you get engaged is “where are you registered” or “where can I find your bridal registry”. So don’t forget to make a REGISTRY.

Be Sociable – Thank everyone for their love and support.

Be on TIME – Do not make your guests wait on you to arrive.

Be Understanding – Everyone, even your mother, may not like the colors you choose for your wedding.

Be Victorious – The day will end in 8-10 hours, but the moments last a lifetime.

Be Willing
– You cannot invite EVERYBODY who knew you since you were 2, to your reception. Stick to a BUDGET!!!

Be eXquisite – Your style is important, whether traditional or contemporary

Be Youthful – Imaginative!

Be Zealous

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